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New Le Shop Design!

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Okay. The title explains it all! I’m a few hours late on this update, so I’ll try to do this as quickly as possible. *We’re still updating this post, keep checking!*

The first thing that changed is the outside of Le Shop. Check out the new design!


It’s pretty sleek and all, but I didn’t expect it to change so much! Alright moving on, to the INSIDE. Now the inside is going to blow your mind, if you haven’t seen it yet. Here it is:


Well.. They certainly increased the space!

I guess Le Shop’s been having PRETTY GOOD business to be able to upgrade their store so much! Now… There used to be an “Under Construction” sign hanging on Le Shop, so we predicted that there would be an update… But, there’s also one on STAR CAFE! Take a look:


Stay tuned for Star Cafe updates…..

Now onto the NEW fantage items!

Here they are!


The circled ones are for nons. 🙂 I think they look fine. Warning, all of these new items are above the price of 3000 stars/ecoins each, and all the tops and bottoms are above the price of 6000 stars/ecoins each! NONE of them are outfits. There for if you would like to buy, for example, the non member gym outfit with EVERYTHING except the hair, it would cost you… 19,000 Stars/eCoins or 9,500 gold. ._.

Moving on to the hair….. Here they are:


I think the hairs in the middle and right are nice. However…They are all 8000 stars/eCoins. The circled one is for non members. Also, the headband you see on the hair in the middle is not included with the hair. You have to buy it separately for 4000 stars/eCoins! That’s a bit expensive, don’t you think?

There are also new boards! I just logged out, and I can’t go on Fantage on chrome for some reason, so here’s what they look like:


Unfortunately since I cannot go on, I don’t know which one(s) are for nons, and I can’t be sure of the price. However, I will give an estimate that they are anywhere from 4000-10,000 stars/eCoins each, considering the prices of the other new items.

Don’t worry, we’re going to be updating this post as soon as possible! At this moment I can’t log in, so I suppose we’ll have to wait and see if Mizzy can help us out. ❤

What do you think about the new items on Fantage? Leave a comment or email us at




Hacker on Fantage?

So I was just doing my own stuff today when Britney told me to go to Downtown. And… BEHOLD! I saw this dude who was repeatedly asking people to click on him and check his level.


So, I proceeded to click on him….to find out that he had an astonishing level of 1427176. In fact, his level was so high that Fantage didn’t even have a name for his level range (Ex. rookie, chart topper, sensei, etc).

li0r1How is that even possible? His username is Li0r, and according to his medals page, he gained the majority of them from buying bonus levels.

bonus level

If this was the case, he must have had A LOT of eCoins. Some people were also mentioning that he wasn’t in the Top 10 hall of fame also. But obviously, he WAS NOT a member, so he didn’t show up there. I, personally, have some theories on how this might have happened.

  1. He bought A LOT (and I’m talking about more than 1 million eCoins) to buy bonus levels. I’m not saying that this is impossible, but it’s very unlikely that this is the case. Also, he’s not in this week’s Top 50 rookies, which he would most likely be in had he binge bought his way into his current level.
  2. He slowly earned the eCoins over time from the daily attendance, lucky bot, and also buying them with money. This might explain why he’s not in this week’s Top 50 rookies. The problem is, if you look back at his medals page, HE HAS NO VETERAN MEDAL. That means he has barely been on Fantage for a month. So earning it overtime might be unlikely.
  3. He’s just a pure hacker. Okay, I ran out of theories to explain this, but this situation seems near impossible to explain.

What do you have to say about this, Fantage? Is it real or nah?

~Mizzy ❤

Finally, part 2 of the Fall Fairy Fiasco event came out! This part is way easier to understand than the first part! 😀 There are new limited items too, but you can only buy them with gold… T.T <–I’m broke.


Peachiies’ Teapot home has also been released! It looks very nice if you ask me! 😀 This high tea styled home can be bought with a price of 5,000 gold! The total price for the house AND all the furniture is 20,000 gold.

teapot home.PNG

Anyways, on with the event! According to the info sign, Fantagians are all going to turn into detectives to solve the big MYSTERY! The big question is, who put a spell on the fairy? Well we’ll get a medal and a prize if we solve this! 😛 (Not like it’s the only reason we want to solve this thing…pftttt).

part 2

Similar to part 1 of this event, you’ll also find a ‘bubble’ at the left side of your screen.

fall fairy snip.PNG

When you click on it, you will see a blank puzzle with its missing pieces outlined! To find out who the culprit is, you need to find all the missing pieces…by playing games at the Grotto! 🙂 This is similar to the Pizza Party event back in June! The pieces will be given out randomly after you play any game at the Grotto. When you complete the whole entire puzzle board, you get a prize!


To get a piece, I don’t think that there’s a minimum score that you have to reach in order to get a puzzle piece. You just have to keep playing them until you get pieces. (This might or might not take a while depending on your luck. For me, I did it for about 20+times before I got one :P)

puzzle piece

Of course, if you don’t want to spend your time playing games for a chance to get a piece, you can simply click on an empty spot on your puzzle board and buy each piece for 2,000 gold!


Now if you haven’t noticed, each empty spot sells a different piece. And if you put all the pieces together, you’ll end up with the picture of the culprit!


It’s ORION! Well, it makes sense since he’s a wizard…..I wonder how the ending of this event is gonna turn out. Did Orion accidentally cast a spell?

It became WAYYY more interesting in Part 2! I’ll update on this soon!

~Mizzy ❤

Fall Fairy Fiasco Event

Well…I guess this is kind of late, but honestly this event took a while to understand. First of all, one of the first things that you will see when you log in is the user-inspired contest sign. Apparently, Fantage is basing this event off an user’s ideas, which is a great reason..BUT of course, greedy Fantage had to do some “LITTLE” changes to them as it says in the info on the sign.


So what’s the creative event that was thought of by Pinksmile101? might as well read the following signs as a recap.

What are the EXTREMELY SMALL CHANGES that Fantage have made to this already-awesome-idea may you ask? Well first off…. instead of receiving the glittery autumn leaf accessory after finding every leaf 4 times….YOU HAVE TO DO IT 10 TIMES! WOW! SO EASY! sigh…The other items have been changed to 10x+10x too.


But since this is modern Fantage, you know they want the MONEY. So…they make this event ridiculously hard to ensure that you will be literally dying to buy the leaves and the other items with gold. All leaves are 200 gold EACH. (Imagining buying 10x of all 8 leaves just to get a pixel accessory…)


Here’s the math:

Pixel Accessory= 8x10x200

Pixel Accessory= 16,000 GOLD

Basically this one accessory is on average $16 in real money.



I’m not done here. The wand and fox are at a higher price of 500 GOLD. That’s right. 500 gold for 1 wand/fox.


So you know what? I can MATH. How? Well I went to Fantage school. That’s right. I GOT SOME PIXEL EDUCATION.


Oh what? Now you’re saying that I’m dumb since there wasn’t any teacher to teach me, right? Well. I’M SELF TAUGHT! I even know the digits of Pi. THAT’S RIGHT. PI. THE DIGITS OF PI. (wellactuallylike2ofthembutnoneofyouneedtoknowthathahahhaehhheehhehe).


Okay. I’m getting so off topic right now. Where was I? Oh yes. The cost for either the magical fall wand board or the fox accessory. Well let’s see..

Either the magical fall wand board OR the fox accessory= (Cost of 10x of all the leaves)+(10x wand OR fox item)

GRAND TOTAL = 21,000 (for either the magical fall wand board or the fox accessory).

Well if you want both, that’s even more bad news. The grand total for all three of the pixel items is 26,000 gold if you were to buy all of them with gold. Kind of sad. But you’re probably wondering why you can’t just find all the items and get it the hard way. Well just a warning if you didn’t already know, it’s EXTREMELY DIFFICULT for you not to be tempted to use gold to buy the items instead of finding them. First of all, Fantage doesn’t even give you any info for where to look for them or even how many items are distributed every 15 mins. What I learned from waiting probably 1 hour doing this event is the following:

  1. The leaves can be found anywhere on Fantage. So that includes inside shops, the cafe, arcade and etc. I know that the map drives you to the forest, but trust me. Majority of the leaves aren’t going to be there.

2. The leaves can only be found when the you see the fox on the left side of your screen say something like “FALL LEAF CAME OUT NOW” or “FALL WAND CAME OUT NOW”. The thing is, I haven’t been able to find more than one item each time this thing comes out. So  again, this makes everything extremely difficult if you’re trying to get the prizes.


3. It takes more than 15 mins for the stupid (and I’m sorry but really) fox dude to scream out “OMGGG THE SKY IS ACTUALLY FALLING GOGOOGOGGOGGGOOGOGOGO AND IF YOU GIVE UP JUST BUY IT WITH GOLD!”. I mean really. I got my leaf at 11:29 and at 11:49 I’m still waiting by this nice pole in Downtown for this fox to start yapping.


By the time it was past 20 mins, I was already to pole dance the life out of that thing.


I honesty advise you not to waste your life on this event. I mean credit to Pinksmile101 for this amazing idea, but Fantage just…Fantagized it. All for greed. eh? What a terrible event. We all can’t WAIT for part 2 of it right? I wonder who’s behind all this. I wonder…

~Mizzy ❤


Hey guys! :) It's been quite a while, but Mizzy and I have just spent the whole day 
updating some pages of the blog, just for you guys! One of these pages is the 
Free Fantage Accounts page!!! Now get this, we currently have 108 accounts on this 
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Here’s just two of the new accounts we’ve added!


Plenty more accounts like these are over on our Free Accounts page! Don’t forget to check it out!

More updates? We’ve also added this helpful section on the top of the page that tells you when we last updated the accounts, what we did, and when the next update will be! It also notes how many accounts are currently on the page!


We really hope all of you enjoy these accounts! We’re working on updating this blog so much more, so don’t forget to leave a comment! Feel free to ask questions/for requests/give us feedback! Click the button below to go to the Free Fantage Accounts Page.

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Moving on from the more exciting updates, we also updated the Fantage Cheats and Free Membership + Gold + eCoins pages! Go check them out below!

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Thank you to our awesome followers, viewers and donators! It’s you guys who make up this blog! 🙂 Without all of you, we wouldn’t even have this big update. ❤

Hope you enjoy our blog!


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A Night in London Event

First of all, I don’t usually post events anymore, but I was really impressed SOME of the artwork done by Fantage in this one, so why not? 🙂 Second of all, WHERE’S THE NIGHT IN PARIS PROM??!!! I mean, remember this?

A night in paris

What happened to that idea? (Random User: uh i dunnooo….maybe there’s gonna be a second prom?) -> Well, there better be a second prom because I feel bad for the users who spent time to create their user inspired prom items for Fantage….(Shout out to yumi_marz from I love your artwork and edits! :D) Okay, so for this event, I wasn’t expecting anything new from Fantage. Same old limo, same old prom queen or king voting poll…..


It was generally the same as other proms…except for THE DANCE FLOOR! It’s at the castle, and I was really impressed with the decorations! 🙂

night in london prom

Little details and decorations made the dance floor look sophisticated and fun at the same time! Just look at these adorable Bear Guards and Light Decorations! 😀

Night in London Decors

This event will last for another 2 weeks, and more features are being expected! (So excited xD) I’m sorry that I didn’t really go into details of the event, but because today is a Thursday, I’m busy with a couple essays to write…ugh….also, Britney and I are updating the Accounts Page tomorrow! Until then! 😀

~Mizzy ❤

P.S. Anyone want to screenshot me how the Magical Terrace looks like? Just curious.. 😀

Magical Terrace.PNG

Free Accounts Page Info

Hey everyone! This post will be short and sweet for now…….Recently, Britney and I have been busy with school and our daily schedules, so we compromised that we’ll be updating the Free Accounts Page (as in adding new accounts and checking if they still work) every Friday! We want to thank you for sharing and donating accounts with us and other people, and I hope that most of the accounts still work :/.  If you want to donate or share any accounts with us, email us at!

-Britney and Mizzy ❤

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